Blog - Westmanstown Express 1.5.2021

Captains Welcome You Back

We are so delighted to be in a position to welcome all our members back out onto the fairways and greens of our beloved Westmanstown Golf Club from Monday!! This announcement has been a while in the making and all the more sweet to see the sun shining on the golf course, which is looking as good as it has ever looked.

We would like to thank Michael McFeeley and his team for all the work they have put in over the last number of months to now showcase the course to us in such splender fashion. Edward and his Team in the newly designed Pro shop have also kept things going in a lonely space which will be buzzing again from Monday with so much activity and excitement. We look forward to seeing you all in person on Monday.

The Clock Is Ticking!!!!!!

Our Clock shown on the left is ready to go and we would also like to help you get ready for the return to golf on Monday. So here are some essential items for your checklist! Shoes - Pull out those shoes and make sure you have no old mud from your last round.

Where is the raingear? - We won’t mention the ‘R’ word but would hate to see you out on the course without appropriate gear. So off you go, haul out the gear and make sure the dog hasn’t done damage to the very important bits and pieces that will keep you warm, dry and cosy as you get back in the grove. Balls, Tees, markers & divot repairer - I was sure I had left loads of them in my bag!!!!

Are You Ready To Book?
Hope you like the amazing new look Website! You will be booking later this evening for your first game of golf in a while and this will be so easy with our new state of the art website where you will just have to click on the "Book a Tee Time" icon on the front of the site. Make sure your personal BRS account has been updated before you go to login – check this now so you are ready, steady GO at 20.45 this evening.

Getting The The 1st Tee

You have got plenty of info on how to access the course safely while keeping social distancing forefront in your mind as you approach the entrance and make tracks to the Pro Shop to say hello to Eddie, Bernard, Rhonda and John on your way to the 1st/10th Tee Box. The one way system used during 2020 is still in use and will assist in keeping everyone safe.

Greens & Fairways

Greens are currently cut at 3.5mm and fairways at 18mm. All fairways, rough, tee boxes and greens are now back on a full mowing programme. All green aprons have been treated separately and are now in good condition.

As you can see to the left, the fairways are looking so well and have been looked after so professionally by Michael and his Team who take so much pride in displaying the course to a very high standard.

Our fairways are splendid, and we implore you to treat them well. If we all do the right thing and take those short few minutes to replace your divot or sand a divot made by someone else it will keep the fairways looking well.

Bunker Raking & Divot Replacing

Our course will only be as good as we keep it and to this end you are reminded to make sure you have your rakes on your bag just in case you go into a bunker. And of course your bag of sand and trowel to repair any divots you may make as you play your round of golf.

Some sand bags and trowels are available in the Pro Shop so pick one up as you go by

Be Mindful

We are all looking forward to getting back on the golf course but we have to be mindful of all members having the opportunity to secure tee time, especially those who work and maybe limited with golf time. It would be fantastic for everyone to experience golf again in the first week. With this in mind it would be great if slots were available in the pm for full time working golfers. Yes, there will be a rush next week but this will settle down after a few days like previous returns to golf!!

Start With The Clock, Finish with The Clock

You may say you have no notion of sleeping it out or even sleeping on Sunday night but bigger people than you have missed the cut!!

Make sure you set your Alarm, the bag is at the door and the car is in Drive mode to navigate to our beloved Westmanstown Golf Club and onto that 1st Tee.


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