Blog - Westmanstown Express 1.6.2021

Captains Message

What a great return to golf in such amazing sunshine on the 26th April! The turnout on the day was brilliant with the timesheet packed with so many enthusiastic golfers dying to get back out on the course. Thanks to Edward, Bernard and Rhonda for all the work they put in on the lead up to the reopening and to Michael McFeely and his team for the fantastic condition of the golf course.

With the easing of restrictions it has been great to resume competition golf and start to get used to the new handicapping system again. Further information on handicapping and casual play for qualifying purposes will be available shortly.

Keep enjoying your golf!

Hugh & Rita

Golf Ireland Interclub Competitions
Sheets are up, names are down and practice has now started for all our Inter club matches. Dates for the matches will be posted on notice boards in advance and if and when spectators are allowed we will let you know. In the meantime if you wish to participate in any of the teams it is not too late to contact the relevant Team Manager directly. Details of Team Manager's can be obtained on the appropriate sheet on each noticeboard.

Course Update

We all came back to a course fit for any top class tournament and this is the way we should all strive to keep it. The greens are in the best condition ever and compliments are coming in from all level of golfers on how much they are enjoying the course and how it has been presented to them.

In order for the course to remain at this high level it is down to every single one of us. To achieve this we all need to repair pitch marks, carry a rake and rake the sand after you play your shot. Carry a sand bag and replace all divots. The correct way to do so is to replace the divot and then cover it with sand. This protects the divot from drying out and encourages regrowth. The crows will also remove divots not covered with sand.

Call out –Defibrillator Cert

We are looking for additional members with a defibrillator cert to volunteer their services and join the existing members on the club panel. If we had an emergency on the course it would be great to have a strong panel that could be called upon if required.

Anyone interested please give you details to the guys in the Pro shop. Thanks!

Are You a Newbie?

We have been very fortunate to have had a lovely group of new members join us for 2021. There is a broad spectrum of experience and age, along with a nice balance of personalities. As you can appreciate, every golf club is different, each has its own philosophy and history. We would reach out to all those new members for 2021 to make sure you have received your New Member Pack, if you haven't, please call in to the office to get one. The ethos of Westmanstown Golf Club is well captured in this pack and it will set you on the right path.

Health & Safety Matters

The following updates and works have recently been undertaken

• Course risk assessment reviewed and updated.
• All life buoys replaced and are now in protective boxes to protect the unit and ropes from the elements.
• An additional first aid kit box has been obtained and is located in the golf reception area. This unit can be un-clipped from the wall and brought on to the course if required.
• Additional H&S signs are on order and will be erected over the coming weeks.
We can all play our part by being mindful of our own actions and fellow members when we are on the course. In this way accidents and injuries can be avoided.

Health & Safety Team.

Bad Buggy Habits

As you will recall we returned to Westmanstown Golf Club on April 26th this year and found a pristine golf course. In the euphoria of the last month or so we appear to have lapsed into a couple of old habits in relation to buggy driving etiquette. It is essential we keep the buggies away from the greens and surrounding banks of greens. It is equally important we keep buggies away from the sides and surrounds of tee boxes. Lets all do our part to keep the golf course the way we found it in April.


Outdoor Dining On The Way

By now you will have seen the wonderful improvements that have taken place in the bar area and the potential for outdoor dining when restrictions end. A big thank you to Dick and his Team for the availability of complimentary Tea/Coffee and snacks last week, which was much appreciated. From this week takeaway facilities from the bar will be available. We encourage all members to support these wonderful facilities.

Improve Your Flexibility

If you’re like most golfers, you probably don’t know how important flexibility is to the swing — Tour players like Adam Scott to Tiger Woods have pre-round stretching routines to get their bodies ready to play. If you happen to be a weekend warrior who sits from 9-5 every day, you probably could use a stretching routine to help you improve your flexibility. Look no further………

Twisting Stretch
Start with your legs wider than your hips. Rest your right hand on your lower back palm facing away from you. Inhale. With an exhale, bend the right knee and reach your left hand outside your right foot. With an exhale, lift your torso up and switch your hands, placing your left hand on your lower back. Twist toward the left reaching your right hand around the corner. Follow your hand with your gaze to exaggerate the twist. Repeat six times and switch sides.

Hip Press
Tight hamstrings tend to put a lot of pressure on your lower back. This stretch will loosen up the hips and hamstrings — releasing this pressure, alleviating back pain and increasing the range of motion in your legs. Step your right foot forward in a short lunge position with both heels on the ground. Place your hands on your hips or hold onto your golf club with one hand to help with balance. Tuck your pelvis in. Engage your left glute and feel the stretch in your left hip flexor and quad. Inhale. With an exhale, bend your back leg and extend your front leg into a hamstring stretch. Lower your torso while keeping the back straight. Think of arching your lower back to intensify the stretch. With an inhale return to your lunge and repeat. Continue this action six times, breathing through it.

Scarecrow Twists
Start with your feet slightly wider than your shoulders. Place your golf club behind your neck and onto your shoulders with both arms over the golf club in a scarecrow position. Bend your knees slightly and inhale. With an exhale, twist to the right, pivoting in the left foot. Look around the corner to intensify the stretch. With an inhale, return to center. Repeat on the other side. Continue this twisting action six times on each side, breathing through it.

Standing Side Stretch
Standing up straight, plant your golf club into the ground with your right hand. Cross your left leg over the right and reach your left arm up and over toward the club. Then, open your chest and look at the sky. Allow your hips to go slightly to the left and feel the stretch in the left side of your body. Use your club as a balance point. Hold here for 3-5 breaths and switch sides.

Shoulder Flossing
Stand with your feet hip-width apart and grab your golf club with each hand. Lift the golf club over your head. With an inhale, begin to floss it behind you until it becomes parallel to the ground. With an exhale, return to your original position. If you want to intensify the stretch, inch your hands closed together; to simplify the stretch, move the hands wider apart. Repeat 6 to 8 times, breathing through it.

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