Blog - Westmanstown Express 17.12.2020

Captains Report

We are delighted to have the opportunity to wish all our members, staff and contractors a very happy Christmas. We also remember at this time the loss of members, and our own loved ones over the past 12 months. The last year proved to be the most difficult in the history of the club and our thanks goes to Paddy, Marie, and Therese for their Leadership during these difficult times. We must also thank our members and staff for their support, understanding, and patience. Together we all worked through it. The coming year will be difficult. With your continued support and by working together we will meet those challenges. In the meantime have a Happy Christmas and stay safe.

Golf Course


We are currently treating a case of fusarium in our greens. This disease is triggered by cool damp conditions during Autumn/Winter. We manage this disease by using only permitted fungicides, coupled with necessary fertilisers, drainage, aeration, and an overseeding programme of grasses, such as, creeping bent which are resistant to fusarium. We currently have 55% to 60% coverage of our greens with creeping bent variety of grass and our target over the next couple of years is 70% plus. Michael and his team, with the guidance of our Agronomist Dr. Michael Foxe, follow a proven greens programme which will reduce the incidence and level of fusarium.


Worms are a soils friend and on occasion, during very wet conditions they come to the surface. While the result can be a bit unsightly, their benefits outweigh this damage. When ground conditions dry in the spring these scars will disappear. Chemicals were used in the past which are no longer permitted...

World Handicap System

• Handicap Index is not the same as your “H/Cap.”

• Handicap Index is used to calculate Course Handicap.

• Each of our courses is a sperate course now and you have a separate Course Handicap for 18 hole, F9 and B9.

• In singles competition you are playing off 95% of Course Handicap.

• If Course Handicap is not on your card you are under penalty of disqualification.

• Handicap Index is a factor which is used to determine the course Handicap for any course home or away off any set of tees.

All three handicap boxes on the score card should be completed.

Pro Shop

We are currently writing our 2021 orders with all of the major manufacturers so as to guarantee a strong stock level through the shop in the coming year. We are emphasising golf equipment this year, taking the latest releases from Ping, Titleist and TaylorMade. Each of these brands have promised us a Custom Fitting Day in the late spring, so keep your eyes on the notice boards.


We would like to thank all our Sponsors for their generosity in supporting our Golf Club in this difficult year. Sponsorship is a vital component of the clubs finances, as it allows us the flexibility to improve the golf course year on year. Unfortunately we had to cancel The Sponsors Day in 2020, but we hope to have a new date in 2021 guidelines permitting. We would love to hear from any member with any new ideas for sponsorship for next year.

Course Update

During the Lockdown period Michael and his staff maintained the golf course to a high standard and also completed projects such as -

1. Replaced decayed sleepers on the 3rd tee box.

2. Levelled and extended paths on 5th and 14th tee boxes.

3. Installed a small drainage system on path of 4th tee box.

4. Removed scrubbery from the right of the 18th tee box.

5. Cleared the mound area at 17th lake of srubbery and debris in preparation for grassing.

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