Blog - Westmanstown Express 18.11.2020


Message from our President & Captains

Our year in office is shortly coming to a close and we would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your continued support and good wishes throughout the year. What a year! but we are pleased that through all our efforts you were able to participate and enjoy your golf in a safe manner and we hope to see you all, participating in great numbers once again and enjoying our Westmanstown golf course.

We would like to thank the Mens and Ladies Clubs, Club Members, Miceael McFeely and his Team and everyone in the Pro Shop and wish the very best of luck to our incoming President Willie, Captains Rita & Hugh.

"Its been an honour and a privilege to represent you"

President Therese Dowling
Captain Marie Nicholls
Captain Paddy Bowler

Golf Course

The 18th Hole has been in need of upgrade for some time . The Lake liner is perforated in several places, is leaking water and requires filling on an ongoing basis. This is creating water wastage, consequently an environmental concern. We have two very good finishing golf holes in the 16th and 17th . The development of the 18th lake would add immeasurably to the overall experience and challenge befitting a finishing golf hole to compete with the best at Westmanstown Golf Club. Drawings are currently being considered, more news on this to follow...

Pro shop

We are really looking forward to welcoming all of you back to the golf club in December. Its at times like this that we realise it’s the people who make the golf club what it is, not the perfect golf course or clubhouse, it’s you. To celebrate our return to golf we want to offer an early Christmas present of 20% discount on all shop stock, our small way of showing your importance to us. The shop is kitted out in all of the winter products from all of the best brands, see you soon.

World Handicap System

World Handicapping System (WHS) is here!

Create an account with Golf Ireland using your CDH member card number and 4 digit pin on the back to get your Handicap Index (HI). Use the new index with the Course Handicap Table previously circulated to get your Course HC. There will be 3 pieces of information printed on the competition label, i.e. your HI, Course Handicap and Playing HC, which will be 95% of your Course HC. Under new WHS rules you will play off 95% of your Course HC in singles Stroke play competitions, which includes S'ford format. The computer will work out Playing HC (strokes received).

Some players may consider the HI they have been issued as inaccurate. The HC committees are doing the end of year Annual HC review and a comparison audit, which we hope to be completed by 31st December. HI may be adjusted in some instances so please be patient.

New Club Structure and Governance

The Joint Club Committee manages matters of common interest to both the Men’s and Ladies’ Clubs and takes care of the business affairs of the Club while maintaining the course and safeguarding the financial solvency and integrity of the Club. The Ladies and Gents Clubs along with their respective Committees & sub committies look after all matters relating to golfing activities, from the promotion of the amateur game of golf, to the organisation and running of competitions & handicaps. Together we can ensure our continued stability and growth in 2021 and beyond.

Winter Golf

Sand Bags: Can ALL Members adhere to the Club Rule that Sand Bags MUST be carried and used to repair fairway divots, ALL Members include those who choose to carry their golf bag. It’s up to all of us to keep our course in great order. Bags & shovels available from Pro Shop.

Greens: Please repair your own pitchmark and others you may find on the greens, failure to do this will result in temporary greens being brought in to play on 3 days a week.

Bunkers: Smooth out after you play from bunkers, rake heads which attach to club shaft are available from the Pro Shop.

* It’s up to all of us to keep our course in great order*

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