Blog - Westmanstown Express 20.01.2021

Captains Report

Greetings Fellow Golfers,

We would like to wish you all a prosperous 2021 and hope you are all getting out as much as possible and keeping well. It is unfortunate that golf is suspended at the moment but bigger things are at play in our country and indeed the World at the moment. Things will return to normal and we will get back to playing golf, meeting each other and getting back into competitive golf in our Club.

The pro-shop Team are available to answer any queries you may have and can as always be contacted on 01-8205817.

Rita & Hugh

Course update

Course maintenance remains a top priority and Michael McFeely and his Team are hard at work keeping the course up to their usual standard in anticipation of our return to golf. The recent spell of bad weather is making the job more difficult but not withstanding this, the green keepers are getting plenty of work done.

Some of these Jobs include:

• Cleaning out of shrubbery to left of 18th tee box.

• Trimming of conifers on the right of the 2nd fairway.

• Thinning out of small trees between fairways such as between the 5th and 7th fairways.


The overseeding of our greens will continue through 2021 where we plan to carry out 5 to 6 treatments throughout the year.

Course Maintenance

The Golf Courses requires continuous capital investment in both equipment and course development projects. Most golf equipment has a life span measured in operating hours which ranges from 3,000 to 4,500 hours, the most essential machines need to be replaced approximately every 4/5 years. Last year we had an effect on fairways called washboarding, which appeared as small grass ridges. In order to obtain a better cut on the fairways we are changing the blades from 11 to 7 per cylinder on the fairway mower. This will improve the quality of the cut to our fairways in 2021.

Club V1- Log in and score entry

Now more than ever Club V1 is becoming more integral for members as it provides you with the tool to access all relevent info at the click of a button. You can sign into a competition, return a competition score, view competition results, manage your golf profile and view your golfing stats and handicap. Club V1 members hub uses HowDidiDo passport for authentication.

You must register through passport on any internet enabled device including your phone.

Depending on what brand of mobile phone then follow the link below to download the Club V1 app

For Apple phones

For Android phones

As the app is very user friendly the aim is to get everyone in the Club using this App. 

Shop News

The Place To Be!

We constantly hear about the next great place to be, whether it be a cool restaurant or the best coffee truck in town, but surely the place to be is the one where you are missed the most. Right now, the pro shop is missing the members dreadfully. If 2020 has taught us anything here, it is that we really don’t feel we are part of the place to be unless we get our fix of membership interaction. You don’t realise how important to us your personalities are, we miss the beaming expression when you show us that picture of your new grandchild for the first time, or the frown when you are forced by your gloating playing partner to tell us the story of how you lost the money on the 18th.

I guess what we are trying to convey to you is that right now, when we cant have you around us, we realise the value of your friendship more than ever, a friendship that is not measured by your custom in the pro shop, but rather your camaraderie.

Irrespective of what restrictions we return to golf under, it is becoming very clear to us that the place to be is with your friends in golf.

Stay in Golf Programme – Class of 2020

We all know that 2020 was a challenging year but not for the SIGS Class of 2020!

We had 17 on the programme and they all got out very regularly to play 9 hole. The group were supported with group and individual training sessions and took part in specially arranged monthly scramble competitions, which were enjoyed by all and supported by our members.

It has been a very successful year for the SIGS, they developed great friendships and the great news is that 16 have signed up for full membership for 2021. (Pictured SIGS Gemma Collins, Sharon Davis with members Mary Reilly and Carmel Synnott). We wish them well as full members of our Club and look forward to seeing them on the fairways soon and enjoying their golf.

Huge THANKS to Marty Mescall, Director of Golf Edward, Bernard our professional, programme committee and our members for making this initiative such a success.

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