The Junior Section at Westmanstown Golf Club

Westmanstown Golf Club has a thriving and active Junior Section consisting of juniors aged 11 to 18 years and an academy section for ages 9 to 11 years.

Junior membership is automatically renewed on an annual basis subject to the approval of the Management Committee. The annual subscription fee for a Junior Member shall run from January 1st to December 31st. Academy membership is also available on an annual basis.
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Included in the Junior membership is a coaching fee which entitles each junior member to participate in an extensive coaching programme that is provided by our club professional Bernard Fitzgerald.

Coaching sessions take place on the practice areas in the club in a safe environment and usually operate between February and November each year. These sessions are varied and the emphasis is on making the game accessible and enjoyable. A special academy programme is provided to introduce academy members to the game of golf. Email notices are sent in advance of coaching programmes and players are encouraged to participate and become actively involved.


During the summer months junior club competitions take place on Thursday and Sunday afternoons. Competitions take place during Christmas, Easter, and mid-term breaks.

Interclub Competitions

The Junior members represent the club in Inter Club Competitions such as The Ward League and Fred Daly Cup. We have been very successful in these competitions, having won The Ward League three years in succession and reaching the quarter finals of The Fred Daly competition.

Junior Policies

Westmanstown Golf Club has a comprehensive range of junior policies in place for juniors. These are available on our website and we encourage parents and guardians to review these policies. Click here to view.

Junior Golf Welfare Officers

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Therese Dowling and Cathal O Reilly are the current Junior Welfare Officers for Westmanstown Golf Club. Their role is, be available as a resource to the clubs membership, staff and junior members who may have concerns about junior safety and welfare.

Contact with one them will help to allay your concerns and to act correctly. The Joint Club Management Secretary will arrange for their availability.

All concerns should be reported as the safety of our junior golfers is paramount.

Junior Membership Application Form

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