Blog - Westmanstown Express 1.4.2021

Website Launch

The arrival of our new Website marks a very important announcement in the development of communication within our Club. The upgrade of the Website will go live on Wednesday 14th April when all members will be given access to the site.

The website upgrade was proposed at a meeting of the Joint Club Management Committee in December 2019. It was an area identified as requiring investment and long overdue updating. As a result of the work undertaken by the sub-committee and funding received from the Golf Ireland “Club Resilience Grant” the new site offers streamlined menus, clear navigation and ease of access to information and all platforms, all to make the experience that much better for both members and visitors alike. This finished product brings us into the 21st century and is a great achievement that will help promote the club in a very positive light.

The project has involved a lot of time and skill both technical and creative. We thank our sub-committee; John Mc Elligott, Darina Curtis, Edward Doyle Hugh Kennedy, Rita Butterly, Dan Naughton and our web partner Conor Murray of Conor Murray Design who dedicated their time, energy and professionalism to make the new site what it now is. A special word of thanks goes to Dan Naughton who offered his services and provided excellent advice and guidance on the technical aspects of the project.

Course Update
Fairways and tee boxes are been cut once a week at the moment in order to assist with the quality of texture going forward. The spreading of fertiliser on the fairways commenced early this month and already the effects of this are visible throughout the course. This in turn will insure that we have good playing surfaces when we return to golf.


Up to 25 tons of sand was added to bunkers around the course during the past few weeks. The bunkers have also been re-edged and sprayed with liquid sulphate iron to kill the moss. The bunker in front of the 12th green was given a big face lift, apart from re edging the front section was banked up with sand and the whole bunker cleaned out and refilled. While it looks very well now it is still a temporary fix, requiring a more permanent redesign in the future.


The general increase in temperatures is good news for grass growth on our fairways and greens. All greens are top dressed, slitted, solid tined and fertilised on a regular basis which has resulted in our greens displaying in excellent condition awaiting our return.

A hand held mower was used on the greens over the last couple of weeks. This would not be something that there would always be time for but it has produced a better, faster surface to putt on and also improves the aesthetic of the greens no end. This is all part of a number of actions to help present our greens in the best condition for the year ahead.

Simple Golf Exercises

As golf is nearing a comeback here is an exercise to help on your way.

A Trunk Rotation

This is an easy one and can be done in a standing position although you can also do it sitting.

The golf swing involves significant trunk rotation a lot of which occurs through your thoracic spine and neck.

Hook your arms around the golf club placed lengthwise across your back.

Rotate your trunk and head to the left and hold it there for 20 to 30 seconds.

Don't swing and bounce as that will put strain on the joints and ligaments of your spine.

Repeat this on the other side.

If you perform this stretch in a sitting you will reduce the amount of stretch you get in the lower lumbar region.

Resilience Fund

Golf clubs in Ireland were offered the opportunity to apply for a grant from Golf Ireland to help with funding during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. 145 clubs recently received grants from the €2.8m club resilience fund, which was provided by Sport Ireland. Westmanstown Golf Club applied for a grant of €7,000 towards the upgrading of our website and I am delighted to say that this application was successful.

The Oak Bar

Just a peek at what awaits you on your return. Looking forward to seeing you in our refurbished Oak Bar!

Captains Message

As we approach our return to golf we have plenty to cheer about and so many people to thank for all the work in the background at every level of our Golf Course and our Golf Club. Our New Website is looking really well and something to be very proud of, a huge thank you to all involved in making this happen. You have a treat in store!

Michael McFeely and his Greens staff have done a trojan job over the last year, resulting in the course looking as well as it has ever looked. A big shout out also to all our Committees, Director of Golf Edward & his staff who have all pitched in so well! Finally a big thank you to all the members for believing in Westmanstown Golf Club and showing support for the club.

Further notification of guidelines around our return to golf on April 26th will be sent to you as soon as it becomes available.

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